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Healthy Feline Diets

What is the best diet for my cat?

We need to feed our kitties a diet that most closely resembles what they are designed to eat naturally. Cat’s are obligate carnivores and thrive best on high protein diets. Cats do not have a biological requirement for grain or other starches. For cats a high protein, high moisture, low fat diet with little to no carbohydrates is best. This means corn, wheat soy, and rice are all biologically inappropriate foods to be feeding our cats.

What we recommend:

We recommend feeding your cat a low grain formula kibble mixed with a small amount of grain free wet food.

This Fromm formula is a great high quality, grain free option for your furry friend. It is almost 40% protien and up to 10% moisture!

We also carry all natural grain free evangers canned food to help add extra moisture to your kitty's diet!

Why Does My Kitty Need Moisture ?

How Do I Protect My Cat From Kidney Failure?

Eating a dry food diet is thought to be one of the leading causes of kidney disease among cats. Cats were biologically engineered to get moisture from the food they hunt in the wild. Overtime, eating a completely dry food diet puts a lot of strain on your kitty’s vital organs especially the kidney!!

What We recommend:

We recommend balancing in some high quality wet food and chosing a dry kibble that includes a higher moisture level. Fromm kibble features at least 10% moisture to keep your kitty's organs happy!

Kidney Issues Are Your Kitty's Worst Nightmare!

How Do I Protect My Cat From Kidney Failure?

Kidney failure is one of the leading causes of death for domesticated felines. The kidneys regulate the amount of water in the blood, maintain healthy blood pressure by regulating sodium, and also regulate calcium and vitamin D. This organ also helps to stimulate the bone marrow to produce red blood cells. Because the kidney has a diverse set of functions symptoms of kidney disease can widely vary.

Here are some helpful tips for keeping your kitty's kidneys in good condition:

1. Always supply fresh clean water! Often times, owners overlook the importance of having a clean water bowl. Cats are very clean animals by nature and if their drinking area is no clean they will hesitate to drink water even if they are dehydrated.  So, it is important to regularly clean and refill your kitties water!


2. Avoid carbohydrates in your cats food whenever possible. Cats have no biological need for carbohydrates and feeding high levels of carbohydrates can lead to obesity, a leading cause of kidney disease. Carbohydrates also tend to increase levels of inflammation in the body, which will put strain on your cat’s vital organs.


3. Feed a mixed diet of low grain kibbles and high quality canned food. Canned food is important for our kitties because it provides more moisture.  Canned food is also easier to digest.

Dangerous Chemicals!

Beware of Ethoxyquin (E324)

This is a chemical preservative used to preserve forms of fish protein.  It can cause liver failure and many other deadly diseases. Unfortunately,  can be found in some of the common brand foods.  It is used to preserve almost all fish meal! You can call the manufacture of your pet food and ask about this today.


Unfortunately, this chemical is added before the product is shipped to the manufacture and is therefore not disclosed in the ingredients!!! Just because the manufacture doesn’t add it doesn’t mean that it wasn’t added beforehand.


What We recommend:

Be suspisious of any pet food that contains "fish meal." They are not even willing to tell you what kind of fish they are providing!

Another reason we carry Fromm cat food! Fromm does not contain Ethoxyquin and only allows the use of quality ingredients for the production of your kitty's food.

Too Much Tuna Can Give My Kitty Asthma?

Fish Based Meals Might Not Be The Best For Your Kitty

If you think about it, cats loving tuna doesn’t make a lot of sense! Cat’s ancestors evolved from Africa, where tuna wouldn’t be an ideal protein source to focus on. Most cats avoid water, which would be a strange trait to develop in an animal that needed to hunt fish! The truth is that your cat probably developed an addiction to fish based foods because they tend to be high in lean protein, which is essential to a cat’s diet.


However, fish has been known create developed allergies in cats overtime! Fish protein allergies can cause lung inflammation leading to asthma. There are also links between feline asthma to mercury (chemical found in fish) and Ethoxyquin (E324) ( chemical found in fish meal. Asthma is a common inflammatory disease diagnosed in cats!

What We recommend:

Mix it up!

We recommend that you feed a mix of lean proteins. Rotating your kitty’s proteins or feeding a mix of lean proteins can keep your kitty healthy!


We also strongly recommend that you are selective about the fish products you choose for your furry friends!! If you are going to feed a diet high in fish protien be sure to chose a high quailty source to avoid added chemicals and toxins!

But my cat loves fish!

Don't worry! Fromm offers several fish recipies if your cat is a fish lover. However, they include several types of lean protien, such as duck and chicken! Thos way you can insure your kitty gets the protien variety he needs without sacraficing the taste he loves!

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