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Healthy Canine Diets

What is the best diet for my pup?

Dogs are obligate carnivores which means they absolutely need meat in their diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle! The dog’s digestive system from many standpoints suggest that it is engineered to eat and thrive on a protien based diet. * See knowledge digestive section for more information.

What we recommend:

We recommend chosing a food with a low amount of grains and fillers!

PETZ carries lots of good options! On of our most popular foods is the Nature's Select Brand. This brand offers several different formulas which are all free of corn, wheat, and soy! 

Why does it matter if my dog eats corn, wheat, or soy?

What's Up With That?

Unlike humans, dogs are obligate carnivores and have almost zero requirement for plant based carbohydrates (corn, wheat, soy). Your dog's digestive system does not naturally produce high amounts of Amylase, the digestive enzyme that breaks down startches and plant matter. Unfortunately, if you feed your dog large amounts of carbohydrates that their bodies doesn’t require it puts them at risk for some serious health issues. Digestive issues, weight gain, diabetes, kidney diseases, liver failure, and the list goes on!

Should My Dog Go Vegetarian/ Vegan?

Is A Plant Based Diet Healthy For My Pup?

We do not recommend a plant based diet for your pup. Your pup is an designed to need meat. Your dog has a short intestinal track designed for quick processing! This an anatomical trait found in obligate carnivores, animals that thrive on high protein diets. Rapid passage through the intestinal tract, combined with an enzyme make-up designed to digest large amounts of amino acid content, leaves dogs ill adapted to a plant based diet. As disscussed above, dogs do not produce high amounts of digestive enzymes needed to digest fibers and startches. Dogs are completely unprepared for the digestion of large amounts of plant fiber or carbohydrates.

If you feed an obligate carnivore a plant based diet they will likely develop a number of digestive problems on the way to starving to death.

Will My Pup Have Less Energy On A Low Carbohydrate Diet?

How Does My Pup Get His Carbs If He Isn't Eating Them?

Your pup can employ a number of biologically magical tricks to create their own carbs for energy! Glycogenesis is the main way obligate carnivores obtain energy from food. Glycogenesis is the conversion of protein to carbohydrates! That means the more protien you feed your pup then more energy they have!

Thats why feeding you dog a high protien diet will help them to feel thier best! Feeding them large amounts of carbohydrates they don't require will result in helath issues and likely make them feel sluggish. 

Why does my dog eat grass?

If your dog is eating grass there is probably an underlying health issue prompting him. When dogs have gastrointestinal upset/ nausea/ gas/ bloating they will choose to eat a large amount of grass. If this is happening only every once in awhile then it is normal behavior, however, if this is happening frequently then this could be a sign of serious gastrointestinal issues. It is not healthy for any mammal to vomit on a consistent basis.



What we recommend:

We absolutely recommend a change in your pet’s diet! A switch in protein sources can often solve sudden gastrointestinal issues. We recommend our Select New Zealand Recipe! The main protein source in this food is lamb, which is easier for dogs to digest. In addition, all of our nature select foods have pro-biotics that help your dog process food!

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