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Furry Friend Smiles are Really Important!!

Dental Problems Can Lead To More Serious Health Issues

We want to keep your furry friends smiling! Yes, we want them to be happy, but did you know that neglected oral care could lead to serious health issues like organ damage? In fact, infected gums can cause bacterial infections that affect internal organs such as the kidney or the heart!!

When the plaque builds up around your pet's teeth and is not brushed away it leads to tarter. Tarter is the calcification or hardening of the bacteria. Tarter destroys tooth bones and gums, leading to tooth decay and pain.


The bacteria can build up and enter the bloodstream and can damage the heart, liver, and kidneys.

How To Keep Your Pet's Smile Bright

Why Is My Dog’s Breath So Bad?

Your Pup Needs More Than A Breath Mint

Most of our furry friends don't have the best breath, but we love them anyway! However, if you notice that your furry friends breath is chronically bad and seems to be getting worse it's time to take action. Serious bad breath could be a sign of the beginning of tooth decay!! We recommend you visit the vet for a check-up and then get your furry friend a dental chew to maintain healthy teeth. 

Keep Plaque From Bulding Up In Your Pet's Mouth

We highly recommend choosing all natural chews that can help to scrape the plaque and tarter off their teeth and gums! Petz offers many all natural choices to keep your pup a happy chewer!

We also recommend a professional cleaning at the vet twice a year. This can be especially helpful for kitties.

What To Do If Your Pup Isn’t A Chewer?

Pups Who Need Extra

So, your pup just isn’t into chewing or maybe you want a little extra boost in the oral health department. Thats alright! Petz carries these

This is a good option for your pup’s smile:


These are formulated with natural ingredients that bind to calcium to prevent tarter buildup! 

How To Use Your Pup's Tongue As A Crystal Ball

The Tongue Can Tell You Dog's Health Fortune

The color of your pup’s tongue can be a really good indicator of the health changes occurring! Here is the key to decoding possible healthy issues based of tonge color!

White- this may be a sign of annimia or a suffering immune system!


Red- This could be indicating a hyperactivity somewhere in it’s system. Bacterial infections, viral infections, fever, gall bladder issues, hyperthyroidism, or onset diabetes

Blue— Vascular changes, heart disease, circulation problems, respitory problems, liver diease, organ stress

Yellow -  gastritis, gallbladder, or liver malfunction

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