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Your Pup’s Nose Is Psychic Genius!

Dog’s noses are powerhouses that provide them with a lot of important information and are much more complex than human noses. For example, lets say you could smell hairspray across a small room. Your dog can smell with the same accuracy and distinguish the ingredients in a room the size of a baseball stadium! This allows the dog to determine how long the animal/object  was present in a current spot. A dog’s nose can determine the what, where, and when of almost anything! Smelling Psychic powers!!

How Do They Do This?

Unlike humans, the inside of a dog’s nose is separated in two different pathways; one for breathing and one for smelling.  A small fold of tissue divides air as it enters the nostril. Inside the special scent cavity they have several hundreds of millions of scent receptor cells! That is a lot compared to humans, who only have around five million. In addition, dogs can store and remember an extraordinary amount of scents. The olfactory bulb, which processes and stores scent information, in the dog’s brain takes up a much larger portion of the brain than in humans.  This is how your dog remembers a staggering variety of scents!

How Do They Know Where The Smell Coming From?

A dog’s nose can even determine where scents are located or what direction a scent is traveling because they can smell from each nostril separately. This ability even allows dog’s to determine which way the scent was traveling.

Can My Dog Really Smell My Feelings?

Dog Have A Second Nose?

Yes! Your pup has as a completely separate “nose” located above the roof of the mouth.  It’s fancy name is the vomeronasal organ! It detects hormones naturally released by all animals. It helps dog’s distinguish between friendly and hostile animals. It alerts them to our various emotional states. It can even tell them when someone is pregnant or sick. So, you pup can tell if you are getting ill or if you are angry from having a bad day!

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