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My Pet Has Red Bumps!

How To Maintenance Mild Skin Infections 

Mild skin infections in dogs can resemble acne like bumps and are often most visible on thier underside. But don't worry! This is nothing to panic about as long as they are properly maintained. To sooth mild skin irritations found on a large majority of dogs, a pet parent should keep the skin clean and disinfect it regularly.


What we recommend:

A natural soap with tea tree oil will keep your pup squeaky clean and help keep them disinfected without any harsh chemicals. Tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial and anti-fungal.


We recommend Bulldog shampoo! It contains tea tree oil to disinfect and control yeast build up. In addition, aloe Vera is  a main ingredient and serves as a natural moisturizer to avoid over drying skin. 

My Pup Is A Dry Itchy Mess!

How To Maintenance Dry Itchy Skin

Lots of pets suffer from dry itchy coats!

Here a few tips on how to help pups with dry itchy skin:


1.  A great way to improve any pet’s dry skin condition is to add healthy oils. Fish oil is a great option to provide your pet with omega 3’s and help them maintain healthy skin and coat. 

2. Wash your pet with a moisturizing shampoo and add some extra aloe vera!  We recommend this hypoallergenic with shea butter and avocado!

You can get aloe vera to add in at any pharmacy. 

My Pups Toes Are Red & Itchy

How To Maintenance Itchy Paws

The moisture on the bottom of your pup’s paws picks up extra allergens and debris. Your dog likely walks through lots of allergens that get stuck on his paws. From grass and pollen to chemical additives your dog’s feet go through a lot!

If your Pup has itchy skin exclusively on his paws it is likely this is a simple external skin allergy.

What we recommend:

Hypoallergenic wipes are a great way to clean the allergens your pet’s paws before they begin to itch. Simpley wipe your pets feet off after they have been outside to remove debris that might be causing irritations.

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