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Welcome To Petz

Petz is an all natural pet store with a passion for providing the best quality products from the best sources. As true pet lovers, we believe that furry friends are a part of the family and strive to meet the high standards they deserve.

We consider every customer interaction a personal experience and we value your pet’s needs. We want to get you know you and your furry friends! That's why we developed the YOUR STORY section, so you can tell us about your wonderful pet!

We care about your opinions and your satisfaction! That’s why we allow you to vote for your favorite products and provide monthly discounts on what you love the most.  


Petz takes the time to be knowledgeable about nutrition and wellness, so  we can carefully choose only the best all- natural products for your family. 

We aspire to always provide the best quality nutrition and wellness products, because we love your pets as much as you do.












"Love this place, the shop is beautiful and the food they provide is awesome! I won't be switching my dogs food anymore. The previous food I had them on was Science Diet and it caused so many problems during the time I had them on it. It was such a relief to walk in and tell them what the issue was, they kindly showed me the food and I made the switch. I have had them on the original formula for a couple months now and they love it! Both my fur babies are the perfect weight and look great! Coats are smooth and they are healthy! SO HAPPY"

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