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 It’s Personal

Choosing a small business, like PETZ, for your pet’s care is much more likely to become a personal experience. PETZ takes more time to get to know all of their customers and understand their individual needs. Larger corporations simply push massive amounts of products aimed at the majority of buyers. But you and your pet are not just a number! News flash: Your pet is special!


 True Accountability

Small businesses, like PETZ, care about each and every opinion, because it directly affects them! So, employees and owners are more likely to be concerned with the quality of their products and your satisfaction. If you had a complaint about a product and talked to the manager at franchised corporation they would likely offer you a refund and send you on your way. They don’t take the time to even digest your feedback. PETZ takes customer feedback seriously!! If a product is not performing well then the business will likely reevaluate our decision to sell it.  Being directly accountable for product satisfaction leads to higher quality, carefully chosen products. So,  you can shop comfortably knowing your pet is going to get only the best!



If you walk into a large retail store and ask an employee to recommend a product, it is very unlikely that they have the knowledge base needed to properly help you. In fact, nine times out of ten they might even have trouble finding the correct aisle!! Employees at larger franchised corporations tend to simply serve as hired labor. Often, their product knowledge base is very limited and so is their personal interest in your pet’s special needs.  In contrast, PETZ encourage their employees to be much more involved in the customer’s needs by building a product knowledge base and providing essential training. This way our team will be able to help you select products for all of your pet's special needs!


 Better Experiences

Can you remember the last time the sales associate at fancy-pants-pet market was super excited to see you and your fabulous pet? ---Neither can we. Do those checkers even like animals? The truth is that fancy-pants-pet markets just don’t always hire employees that appreciate you. Petz is full of employees, customers, and other members of the community that adore all animals!!! The PETZ team is EXCITED to help provide you and your furry friends with the best possible experiance! You deserve to be appreciated!!


The American Dream

PETZ is also passionate about keeping the American dream alive! All of our dog food and treats are made in the U.S.A! We try our best to ensure that we support local businesses and strive to choose products that are sourced from American companies. In fact, our NATURES SELECT brand foods are made right here in TEXAS! We support the building of American business and keep a smile on your pet's face at the same time.




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